ZRP passed G7 Master Qualification

Release Time:2014-12-10

On September 2014, Zhongshan Zhongrong products of paper printing co., ltd successfully passed G7 Master Qualification, and become a member of G7 certified company and printing union. ZRP will continuously implement printing color control and improve the accuracy and stability of color to satisfy the customers.

G7 is a set of evaluation standard that researched , explored and summary with CTP by GRACoL belonged to IDEALLiance. At present, G7 has been the core control technology of GRACoL and SWOP specification. For the reason that, G7 is different from traditional density values and TVI for the evaluationof color, but it uses visual appearance method, control chrominance values and NPDC to valuate color. Under the condition of G7 technology, it’s easier to achieve ISO12647-2 printing standard, more accurate achieve gray balance, more effective to guarantee the same printing effect under different printing condition, that would largely improve the quality of printing goods.
To the customers, G7 mainly owns four advantages: 1. Foreseeable, it’s more accurate from proof to print; 2. Repeatability, new project or repeat order will be more consistency; 3. High efficiency, higher production efficiency; 4. The Manageability of process performance, it could clear and digitalize the printing production process, making the printing into high efficiency industrial process.
For the next step, Zhongshan ZRP will train the branches in Tianjin and Shenyang about G7 standard in the coming year, aiming to let the all group pass G7 master certification.
As G7 is continuouslybeing promoted globally, it has high reputation in the whole printing industry. It’s another prove of the capability of ZRP pass the G7 certification.