ZRP won LUXE PACK in Green Award again

Release Time:2014-04-16

       16th– 17th April, 2014, the LUXE PACK Shanghai, which is famous in global creative packaging industry, has opened for its 7th exhibition. The LUXE PACK Shanghai is familiar with creative, innovation, commercial and boutique since it established, obviously, which is the weather vane of Asian creative packaging industry.

At present, eco-friendly is still the key in luxury packaging industry despite the fast developing of new technology and crafts. Loads of exhibitors from different countries have shown their eco-friendly creative works in which, besides, ZRP has launched ONE in it.

ONE is all. ZRP ONE perfume box shows multi-possibilities. A man, who mostly learns about his love, is able to collect all the perfume she usually takes in one box. The male consumer is not only presenting a luxury gift to his best love, but also showing ALL his feeling and understanding to her in ONE box.

ONE is also considered about the promotion channels, which can hold the perfume bottlesnicely and safely and be displayed stand or lying.

Green solution:

1.       Material - the outer box and inner of ONE are made by 100% recycled Kraft Paper, extremely saved the material, which seems low-key but luxury with color paper inside;

2.       Production–ONE, which is made without printing and foiling, is truly eco-friendly;

3.       Labor– For reducing the process of printing, foiling and the other decoration processes, ONE could effectively save the labor.

Through all the effort in material, finishing, time and labor, ZRP has gained the recognition from the jury again and won LUXE PACK in green award Jury Special.

With this award, ZRP has gained the recognition of global luxury industry. We will continually improve our ability in packaging design and production, so that being the motivation of global luxury packaging industry.